Three nights in Bangkok

Tuk-tuk sir, taxi ma’am?

Thailand in general equals good and spicy food, lots of colors everywhere, smiling people; it has Buddhism, Hinduism, temples, and a lot of religion. Thai people truly worship their king who is part of daily life. Pictures and statues are all over.

Bangkok however is a metropolis; it’s busy, very much alive, it is the city that never sleeps. It is humid, it is soaking hot, but we had no rain. Fifteen million people live in Bangkok and it’s surroundings. You can find street food and micro shops literally everywhere. Everybody is selling somethingJ

We booked a nice ‘poshtel’, The Printing House, in the old center of Bangkok, within walking distance from the palace, the reclining Buddha, the democracy monument and many more. We are a little old for real hostels, at least that’s what we believe and booked a room with double bed and private bathroom. Not the cheapest, but very clean, trendy and a good breakfast and a superb view from the rooftop terrace.

Although tuk-tuks and taxis are everywhere, we decided to walk our way trough the area and really experience the city. Traffic in Bangkok is reasonably well organized, there are plenty of traffic lights, pedestrian sidewalks, and people follow the rules J. What the Thai didn’t understand though was that we really wanted to walk around. A zillion times we were asked the same question, tuk-tuk? Tuk-tuk?  Scammers tried to send us in the wrong direction a couple of times offering very cheap rides. We were prepared for it, but some of them were really subtle.

What do we remember most of Bangkok?

Shiny temples covered with gold, Buddha statues in all positions (lying, sitting…). Thai buying fresh flowers and flower bracelets to offer to their gods, candles in all sizes.

Thai massages are good and not expensive. About 9 euro for an oil massage of 60 minutes. This must be heaven.

The smell of food! In a good way, but also in bad way. In some streets literally everyone is baking or cooking something: spring rolls, soup, rice, noodles, chicken, sausage, pork and al lot of unidentifiable thingies. Although we are food lovers, sometimes it was just too much and too smelly. Maybe because of the heat and the humidity, maybe because not everything was fresh, we don’t know.

Time to pack our luggage, leave half of it here, and take the rest with us; head for the airport to go and discover Vietnam. Next stop: Hanoi


  • Poshtel:
  • Taxi at the airport: you take a ticket at the ticket machine, and you get a receipt at which the lane your taxi driver is waiting for you. You get his, name, license plate, telephone number, and it has an official meter. Easy!


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