Goodbye Brussels

Around in 89 days

Months, weeks, days… that’s how we have been counting down for our ‘big trip’ this summer, and now its just hours away.

The whole thing started funny actually, like kind of a joke a couple of years ago already when we were just fooling around about what our ultimate ‘retirement’ place could be.
Some people dream of a nice apartment by the sea, others of a cabin in the woods, and some would like to grow old abroad… and so do we.

We quickly realized this would not be an easy choice, so we came up with a whole set of requirements. The most important once are listed below:

  • Climate must be warm, because we really hate cold weather, snow and all what comes with that.
  • We want to be able to travel around safely
  • It should not be completely disconnected from the rest of the world
  • People should be nice and friendly
  • Food must be good!! Ha-ha not only rice.
  • Since we are no millionaires life should be affordable
  • There MUST be good diving

Finally we came to the conclusion that, besides that it’s way too early to retire, there is also too many places left we still want to discover. It was time for a somehow longer journey… the idea for a 3-month trip was born.

We have been to Sri-Lanka and Philippines before, but it was finally earlier this year in Thailand we decided to not wait any longer and go for it this year. We were going to Asia. Warm, good diving, nice food and it’s affordable. Since we wanted a reasonable mixture of sun, fun, diving and exploring new places we decided to split it equally :-). Six weeks of diving and six weeks of travelling around.  Yeah!

  • Egypt – Marsa Alam – Port Ghalib
    Catching up with friends, chillaxing and diving
  • Egypt – Cairo
    Quick look at the pyramids
  • Thailand – Bangkok
    Couple of days a city that never sleeps
  • Vietnam – Hanoi
  • Vietnam – Nihn Bihn
  • Vietnam – No idea
    Getting lost I guess
  • Vietnam – Hue
  • Vietnam – Hoi An
  • Vietnam – No idea
    More of getting lost
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Ming – Saigon
  • Cambodia – Siem Riap
  • Cambodia – Phnom Pehn
  • Thailand – Bangkok
    Pick up our diving kit and go for some more fun and diving
  • Indonesia – Sulawesi – Lembeh
    Diving and take pictures of all the amazing and f*cking small awesome stuff. Leen especially bought some underwater magnifying glasses for that – whoohoo mermaid 😉
  • Indonesia – Sulawesi – Manado
  • Indonesia – Bali
    Chillaxing, eat good food, dive, dive, dive – sleep
  • Belgium – Home (let’s not talk about that now)

And now off we go!

Cu later

Summer of 2018

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