Kantiang Bay 2018

New Year’s Eve on the beach

We never really considered going abroad at this time a year. Passing Christmas and New Year’s Eve with friends and family is nice and was a good habit for the last couple of year or even decades. So it was more ‘by coincidence’ that when we started looking for a next diving destination, our flight to Krabi turned out to be at the 29th of December. So we would spend New Year’s Eve abroad for the first time in our lives, cool!

This time we flew with Qatar airlines from Brussels to Doha and from Doha to Krabi.  First flight was only 20% booked in a brand new plane. Plenty of space, it was a very calm and relaxing flight. Arriving at Hamad (Doha) international airport on a Friday, Jesus Christ, at first we thought the airport was deserted; it was so quiet we were even a little worried. While we were waiting for our connecting flight it got busier, it turned out our night flight was fully booked and there were quite some parents with young children flying to Krabi as well. So goodbye sleep and no other option than binch watching some new movies.

Meanwhile it was the 30th and from Krabi airport and after the normal stuff, customs money exchange, buying a sim card, our helpful and friendly driver took us to our small resort in more or less 3 hours. All and all, after twenty-four hours we were here.

After a nap of a couple of hours and a refreshing swim in the resorts pool, we went down and just crossed the main road for a late lunch at our next door neighbours restaurant ‘Phad Thai Rock & Roll’ were we had a spicy coconut chicken soup. ‘Rock & Roll’ it was! Great Rock and even Metal music whilst eating: where else can you eat while Mötorhead, Metallica and even Guns & Roses are coming loud through the speakers. Since we were lazy, and we simply fucking liked the food and the place, we returned there for dinner to have the best Phad Thai in Thailand (Tripadvisor comments). Superb!

On the 31st we went diving at Koh Ha, but later more about that, and arrived 18h at the improvised (floating plastic barrels) marina, it was only six hours to New Year. Shit, still needed to get cleaned up, have dinner and find a place to celebrate.

No worries, there’s plenty of small outdoors local restaurants next to the main road.

We had fresh calamari tempura and a thick and creamy mushroom soup for starters and a curry with squid as a main dish. Excellent, the food in here is so good and reasonably cheap.

Two hours to go and we heard that there was a party going on at the beach. That certainly was no lie, literally everyone seemed to be at the beach, it was packed full of people but the atmosphere was nice and relaxed, happy faces everywhere and tourists and quite some local’s mingling, uniting and drinking local juices and cocktails. We found a spot just in front of ‘Why Not Bar’ where a local cover band was playing life: ‘best of all times rock music’. Oh wait, isn’t that? Yep that’s him.  Our neighbours cook from Phad Thai Rock & Roll restaurant, smiled and waved at us from his stage, playing an electric guitar, singing and entertaining a beach full of people! During their brake there was an epic fire show and when the counting down for the New Year was over, there was fireworks for about half an hour everywhere around the bay. What a brilliant evening and night! The critics might find Kantiang Bay way to touristic, but we experienced it as a relaxed, lay-down and more hippy like place were time stopped stood still since the seventies.

Love, peace and understanding.

What a way to start 2018!




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