F*ck! I did it??

Ever since Steven started diving a couple of years ago, I wasn’t ready to follow his footsteps. Although the trips at sea are always great fun and I’m fascinated by the underwater life, I was scared. I was scared to jump into the unknown, scared of the power of the ocean, scared of not mastering the right skills, scared to slow down the group or be a burden for other people. I Couldn’t help it, I was a scared little nemo fish!

In the beginning we had many conversations on the topic, Steven absolutely wanted to share his obviously superb diving experiences with me, but after a while we both were comfortable with the way things were. Steven enjoying his dives and me, mostly I joined him on the boat and did a nice snorkel-swim. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of it! Love to see the marine life in their natural habitat: the enormous variety of fish and corals but also turtles, dolphins, manta’s, …   (Sharks not so much though!)

Last holiday however, I decided it was time to push my boundaries. With all the cool dive destinations we’ve been travelling to in the last few years in mind, and even cooler places on our bucket list, I decided that if I wanted to try it. The time had come!  So I talked to Tracy from Emperor Divers Marsa Alam to arrange a pool try dive. Tracy is a fantastic dive instructor with all the patience off the world, who understood and acknowledged my fears. So one afternoon when Steven was on the boat for a day trip, we got in the cold pool. Tracy geared me up, and I tried breathing and swimming underwater. A truly weird experience, being able to breath below surface. But not a bad one J. Next step: same thing, but in the ocean. What??? In the ocean? Are you kidding me? Alright I’ll try it whilst the boys (Leo, Michel, Wim and Steven) are out for a dive. Still not jumping into the water though! Tracy put on my diving gear while I was holding on to the ladder of the boat. We started swimming around, trying to go down. Going down actually was not as simple as it appeared, so I spent most of the time with my head down somewhere between Tracy’s legs whilst my fins were still above surface. Good thing that I already had agreed upon a real DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) on forehand.

D-day aka known as DSD-day, for me, started with some mandatory skills: removing the regulator from my mouth (“Noooooooo, I don’t like!”), clearing my mask (“Wtf? Salty water in my eyes?”) and last but not least throwing the regulator over my shoulder and retrieving it (“Are you freaking insane?”)

Luckily there was a nice reward after performing these ‘horrible’ skills J: two absolutely amazing cool dives. The second dive even lasted for 42 minutes at a maximum depth of about 6 meters. All right!!!!! My first ‘real’ logged dive on the manifest: 200 bar in, 120 out, 42 minutes and 6 meters. With my signature and everything, no shit! Respect girl!

Unfortunately our holiday only lasted for a week, because I was definitely in for more! What’s the next steps? Well, I started the theoretical part of the OW course online!! And in September, inshallah,  I will go for my OW course. Ready for another 2 weeks of fun!

Thank you Tracy for having so much patience with me!




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