Dive with a smile, dive with a bang


Dive with a smile is the mantra of Sea-Explorers, the dive organisation Leen booked my dives with. And smiling faces are everywhere on the island of Malapascua, especially with the Filipino’s. Most dives only start around 9am, not too early, as most guests like to combine relaxing, partying and diving on this tourist island.

After two days of travel it’s about time to gear up. If find it always exiting, to dive in a different country, and at new divesites. However you read quite some things on the Internet upfront, you never really know what you’re about to see untill you’re acutally experiencing it.

For the first day I signed up for a dive at Chocolate Island, which is not the taste of the corral, but apparently the shape of the island looks like a big chunk of chocolate. The transfer to all divesites in the area is by boat, the so-called pump boats, which are boats with large outriggers at both sides, which makes them quite stabel actually. We dive in a small group, just me the guide, Lydio, and two other divers, another Belgian couple, what a coincidenceJ. As we descend it’s instantly clear, it is different from places I dived before. Visibility is a little less and corral is not the same than what I’m used to, but on this very first dive I saw so many new stuff, sea stars, a dozen of nudibranches in different shapes and collors and quite some small shrimps. I’m open for it; the coming days will be a new adventure.


Dive with a bang

After this first dive there were about ten to follow. As from day two, Vanessa, a true Filipino dive guide was my guide, a small lady with a great passion for diving.

Some highlights certainly were:

  • Watching a thresher shark getting cleaned sitting on your knees at 30m and at stupid o’clock in the morning
  • A day trip to Sambawan Island where I got hell of a sunburn and dolphins crossed our path
  • Another day trip to Calangaman Island (where Leen got a hell of a sunburn) truly one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen
  • On the last dive in the Calangaman area we saw jumping thresher sharks from the boat
  • Cave diving at Gato Island where we thought we were sneaking on some white tip reef sharks whilst instead they were sneaking on us
  • Experiencing what it feels and especially hear what dynamite fishing is like when you are diving in that area (I fucking kid you not!)


As I’m writing there is only a couple of dives and a couple of days left before we are heading for our next stop at Moalboal. Don’t forget to follow our blog, to get updates of our  upcoming posts.




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