For the first time, ‘going east’!

Traditionally the end of the year period is the perfect time to plan next year’s holidays. Maybe it’s the combination of the cold weather outside with the cozy warmth of the Christmas holidays inside? Or maybe we just love to have something to look forward too. 🙂

However, after this year’s Sri Lanka and Maldives adventure, it didn’t take us long to decide we wanted to do a bigger trip again. But where to? Both of us would love to go to Indonesia (Lembeh, Bali, Gili Islands, etc.) but places like Borneo, Palau & Micronesia are quite high on our wish list too. After some feedback from friends, we started considering the Philippines. All of them gave us the same feedback; they absolutely loved the Philippines. So we started thinking and dreaming about a trip to the Philippines.

6 reasons that made us decide to go forward with our plan

  • The Philippines are a dream destination for divers and snorkelers
  • Nature is simply breathtaking
  • The aquatic life is extremely divers, the dream of an underwater photographer who doesn’t have to choose between the big stuff and all those small, but cool, critters
  • Most people speak pretty good English because it’s one of the 2 official languages on the Philippines
  • A lot of possibilities to do some island hopping and see a lot of this beautiful country
  • The Philippines are still affordable, certainly if you like small diver lodges 🙂

Once our decision was clear, we started to dig a little deeper. Time to get our planning together! How long are we going? Which islands do we absolutely want to visit? What flights are matching our schedule? Whoohoo, this is my favorite part! Always the same routine: first we do some research to define our “must-see” places and “must-do” experiences. Based on this, we make a selection, planning and budget.

For this 2 weeks’ trip to the Philippines, we decided to go island hopping in the Visayas. We are combining Cebu City with Malapascua and Moalboal. After a long journey (travelling time from airport to airport will be +/- 18 hours), we are starting our trip in Cebu City. Only spending one night there, to get some sleep before we are leaving bright and early to our first ‘must-see’ destination: Malapascua. This paradise island is known for its wide white sand beach, beautiful coral gardens, coral walls and excellent dive spots where you can encounter thresher sharks. After a week in this paradise, we are travelling back to Cebu Island, where we will be spending another week in Moalboal. Panagsame Beach, the place to be in Moalboal, has become internationally renowned for the incredible sardine run, a spectacle you witness just a few meters offshore. Diving, drinking and dining (in that order) is the top list of activities in Moalboal, according to the lonely planet. All right, just perfect for us!

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