Our love for the Red Sea!

Although, just before starting our last trip, Leen and me were talking to one another and said: maybe next year we’ll skip Egypt for once?! No? We have been there almost 10 times, so maybe we should go elsewhere. There are so many places we still want to see and explore and so many things we want to experience.

Probably the Red Sea is not the place where you can find the coolest big stuff ‘all’ the time. You won’t find hundreds of big nurse sharks together, dozens of manta rays feeding at the back of your boat or huge whale sharks coming to swim with you. Obviously these big fellows are beautiful creatures, and without any doubt they are worth diving with.

And here we are. Just returned from the Red Sea and already making new plans to go back next year. It’s just that the Red Sea keeps amazing and pleasing us so much that we really need to go back at least once more.

This is why:

  • The Red Sea has really magnificent corals, both hard and soft. The variety is so wide, it keeps amazing me and I keep spotting some corals I’d never seen before
  • The place is a god damn aquarium, there is so much aquatic life, you cannot see all of it in just a couple of dives, that’s impossible. After diving there for several years I still spot new fish species on almost every dive
  • People that also love the small stuff will not be disappointed. Gobies, shrimps, eels, nudibranchs and plenty more.
  • The diversity is immense, some places you dive in sea grass area, others next to a coral wall
  • The dive spots around the coast and in the little bays have not so much current mostly and are therefore easy and relaxing to dive
  • Combine all of the above and you’ll see that the Red Sea is also the place to improve and practice your photography skills.
  • With some luck you can spot big stuff there as well!!! During our last trip we had a dolphin and dugong encounter on the same day in the same dive spot (Marsa Mubarak). How many of you can say that?

On top of that:

  • Day boat diving takes you to plenty of nice dive sites within 1 to 2 hours (in Port Ghalib: Ras Trombi, Torfet Ali, Marsa Mubarak, Marsa Shouni Kebir, Marsa Shouni Soraya, Ras El Torfa, Abili Gooda, Elphinstone and many more… each of them having several diving possibilities)
  • The Red Sea is a all year round dive location (although we prefer May till October because I love to dive in just a shorty)
  • From Europe it’s only a couple of hours flight (5hours to be precise)
  • It is affordable and you can pay in Euro’s or Dollars if you like


So what’s up next? Red Sea? Maybe June next year, because there is more chance to see hammerheads!!!




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