Beach, sun and relaxing time

After a week of driving around through Sri Lanka like lunatics, it was time for some beach days to enjoy the sun and relax. Bentota was just the perfect place to do this.

This time we booked a small 15 room, hotel in Induruwa, Whispering Palms, apparently run by an English couple, open for 18 months, with the biggest rooms you can imagine, very yummy and affordable food and drinks, and a nice pool,  Only the service was kind of slow and not so well organized, but hey we were there to relax anyway, so we tried to adapt to their rhythm.  The Italian restaurant next-door, Osteria Romana, completely made up for that by the way. No idea how they did it, but that was amazing Italian food.

In our pre-holiday research, we decided to stay near Bentota because there was a diving school nearby. So we arranged a tuk-tuk to pick Steven up in de morning., to go diving!!! Although he planned two dive days over there, he came back after lunchtime, not so much impressed by the diving at the West-coast of Sri Lanka . Well, an extra day off it not so bad either! 😉 At least now he realizes even more how much he’s being spoiled by Emperor Divers. In Sri Lanka the dive briefings were kind of special: “Go down holding the line. Never let go of the line, or we will never find you again.” “Okidoki, very clear!”

In the meantime, after the first attempt of really unpacking after a week of travelling around, I went for a morning walk along the beach. OMG, this is really heaven: only very few tourists, a nice an quiet beach, seeing some fishermen prepping their gear and leaving to catch some fish.

By the way, travelling by tuk-tuk is very common in Sri Lanka, and we were very lucky, we had the best driver ever! He was asking the “traditional questions” (Where from, first time to Sri Lanka, …) and he wondered if we travel very often by tuk-tuk in Belgium. When Steven replied that we don’t have tuk-tuks in Belgium, he was extremely disappointed: ‘Nooooo? No Tuk-tuk in Belgium?”

We arranged with Sunil, our private driver during the trip through Sri Lanka, to pick us up to go to the airport. First because we were really happy with his driving, but also because we are not really travelling light and his car has place for all of our luggage. Reunited with Sunil, off we went to the airport for part 2 of our trip. Maldives here we come!

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