Coffee, Sir? Tea, Madam?

Time flies here. We are so busy travelling, seeing and experiencing so much cool & amazing things that it’s hard to keep up with the blogging. But here we go …

After only one night in Amaya Hills, time to pack up and go. We were leaving to Nuwara Eliya, the tea-area up in the mountains. For once not travelling with our private driver Sunil, but by train. Like backpackers. Not really! 😉

Weird how fast we are getting used to the small luxuries of travelling with a private driver. Buying entrance tickets? Sunil takes care of that. Looking for parking space? Sunil drops us and parks the car. Dragging probably + 50 kg’s of luggage on the train? Nope, Sunil picked us up at Nanu Oya station, with our luggage safely in his trunk. Thank you Sunil!

Catching the world famous train with the open doors from Kandy to Nanu Oya, was so much fun! The trip took about 3 hours and the scenery was stunning. The train snakes its way through the mountains, passing by little villages, beautiful nature, tea plantations, waterfalls and even more tea plantations. During the trip a lot of locals hopping on the train to sell something: drinks & snacks, roasted peanuts, tangerines, spicy pepper pastries, … We tried the warm roasted nuts. “Spicy madam?” “No thank you Sir!“ 😉 Very yummy! For us this was ‘Sri Lanka, like it really is’, we’ve enjoyed every second of it!

At Nuwara Eliya, the scenery was completely different: a bit cooler, more relaxing with obvious English influences.  After a quick lunch and city tour, time to visit Pedro tea factory and do some tasting. Yummie again!

Time to go to our next hotel: the Blackpool hotel in Nuwara Eliya. When we arrived, both Steven and myself started to laugh, we were welcome by a Sri Lankan version of an English butler (with grey beard and moustache). After the refreshing wash clothes, drinks and check-in, we were escorted to our room. OMG, a fire place in our room? This third hotel was even better than the first two: beautiful rooms, a heated pool and the best food we’ve had so far in Sri Lanka. We absolutely loved it! We even had coffee and tea like royals, with the High Tea Room completely to ourselves.

Bright and early the next morning, packed with our breakfast boxes, we were ready for an 11 km walk through Horton Plains. It was f*cking hard, we really pushed our limits, but we made it! We conquered mini World’s End, World’s End and the Baker Falls. Steven died 5 times along the way.

In the evening it started to rain in Nuwara Eliya: apparently the first rain in a month. We celebrated with an Ayurveda massage followed by a steam bath in a wooden “box”. (Sorry, no pictures of that one ;-)) Just one word to describe it: AMAZING! Wonder if we can have another massage in one of the next places we are visiting?

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