Cultural triangle

It was about time for an update on our adventures in Sri Lanka, but the jet lag, the busy schedule and the heat have knocked us out.

After having arrived in our hotel last Thursday around 17u30 local time, we went for a relaxing swim in the hotel pool. The water being 30° C we got the chance to relax our muscles and float in the water for a while.

Dinner we took in the Signature restaurant on the hotel premises near to the lake. Very quiet, very intimate restaurant, nice food and good service by our personal waiter Jethy.

Thursday after an early breakfast we took of to Polonnaruwa where we visited the Kingstown the remainders of the palaces build by the 3 different kings Sri Lanka has known, each of them building a bigger palace than the one before. The site is too large to walk so our driver took us from spot to spot to see all the most interesting locations. In the meantime temperature was rising to 38°C. Time to take lunch in a small place where they offered a buffet for 1000rs , the equivalent of 6,66 Euro. Excluding drinks sir J. Extreme heat requires extreme measures so I ordered a 60cl bottle of Lion beer, Sri Lanka’s lager.

After lunch we headed for Sigirya rock where an ancient rock fortress is located. The rock fortress is at nearly 200m, only reachable by an endless number of steep stairs of which the first half is directly at the sunny side. 38°C, 2 Lion beers hundreds of yelling schoolchildren and un-doubtable a lack of top condition, unfortunately don’t go with Lion rocks so well. After an hour climb, 2 liters of water a lot of sweat and our hearts beating like mad, we stranded on the plateau half way. We took some nice pictures and the view was awesome, but be aware dear Lion rock, next time we’ll conquer you!

Tired but happy we returned to our cabin in Amaya lake, had dinner and crashed into our beds.

Friday, time to pack the bags and move on.  Hit the road! Off to Kandy. Traffic is very very very busy and even more chaotic in Sri Lanka. I’m happy not having to drive here myself; that really would be a bad idea. First they drive at the left-hand side of the road and besides that the rules are quite simple. The bigger you are the more space you take on the narrow roads, the smaller vehicles will simply go out of your way automatically. Our driver has a Geely Micro, so we are bigger than motorcycles and tuktuks but smaller than jeeps, vans, busses and lorries. So you can go figure. Although no complaints at all about our driver and the car, both our suitcases and hand luggage fitted in the trunk. Even had space for bottles of water to the sides.

On our way to Kandy in Dambulla, we visited the cave temple. Again climbing for about 100m on stairs. But this time no Lion beer, little lower temperature, wider stairs, so we are proud to say: We made it this time. 150 Buddha’s in 5 caves, wow, really amazing and beautiful.

Further on our way to Kandy we stopped at one of the many spice gardens in this area and were explained there is a lot of crappy diseases you can suffer from and for all of them they have herbal mixtures or spices to cure. Luckily we were only suffering from a little sunburn so we just bought some aloe vera moistening cream and headed to Kandy were we had a short visit to the very busy town.

After that we arrived in Amaya Hills, our hotel for the night. From the same group as the previous one, so our expectations were high. The rooms were a little smaller than in Amaya Lake, but the view we got from our room combined with an amazing sun down made it up. More than that, it was priceless.

I had a traditional rice and curry dinner and Leen had risotto. After dinner, a Anchor beer and a 7up mixed with beer for Leen, and of the bed around 22PM.

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