Our journey …

Yesterday morning, finally D-day! And although we had been looking forward to it for such a long time, we were overwhelmed with very sad new. The terror attacks in Brussels (airport and subway). Our phones were buzzing from very early in the morning, with messages like “Are you guys ok?”. Have you heard? We are ok, very lucky that we were leaving from Dusseldorf this time.

So we left a bit earlier than planned, at about 9.30 on Tuesday, because we were expecting more severe checks at the airport.  At the airport everything went smoothly, we even had time for a pizza! 😉

First part of our trip: from Dusseldorf to Dubai, with the largest Airbus. Holy crap, that is one giant huge ******. As economy flyers we were on the lower level, but that wasn’t too bad to be honest. Very good service by Emirates; we were both impressed by the food (we even got delicious ice-creams on board), the ICE entertainment screens (with the entire Star Wars collection available, live views from outside of the plane and quite an impressive gaming selection) and the overall service of the Emirates crew.  After an amazing flight experience of 6h30minutes we arrived at Dubai International Airport. Local time there was about 02.00 in the morning, so you would think: nice and quiet at the airport? Not at all! We were told that Dubai is one of the busiest airports in the world. It certainly felt like that!

A few hours later, we were ready for takeoff for the 2nd part of our journey: from Dubai to Colombo. “Only” a 4-hour flight, but we were going to arrive at 08.30 in the morning (local Sri Lankan time), so we tried to catch a few hours of sleep onboard. At Colombo Airport, Sunil – our driver for the trip through Sri Lanka, was waiting for us to take us to our first hotel in Dambulla. Luckily we had been smart enough not to plan any other excursions on the first day, because the trip to hotel took about 6 hours instead of the 4 that were foreseen. 🙂

About 24 hours after we left at home, we arrived at our first hotel. It felt a bit like “travel around the world, in 1day!” 😉  Very thankful that we had some time to relax, jump into the pool to cool down and catch up with some sleep, because toady we are going to (try to) climb a rock!

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