Looking back: Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is one of our favourite destinations: we’ve been there so many times in the past years that it feels like coming home each time we arrive at Marsa Alam Airport. We love it so much, that we want to share it with you!

Fair is fair, Port Ghalib is just a tiny spot in the middle of the Egyptian desert, but it has everything a H2ONomad dreams about. It’s only a five hour flight from Brussels or the Netherlands to reach the most beautiful corals and submarine life ever. Nice temperatures all year round with an international airport only 15 minutes away. The marina of Port Ghalib is perfect for divers, they can hop on the boats to go diving right in front of their hotel and even some very nice bars and restaurants to spend the evenings talking about yellow fish, blue fish, red fish, …

Some tips, if you’re planning a trip to Port Ghalib:
  • Don’t be afraid, it is safe to go. We often get the question: are you still planning trips to Egypt? Off course we are! In the past years, we have been there quite a few times, and we haven’t felt unsafe for one single second.
  • Would like to do a try dive? Go for Emperor Divers, they are professional, very good organised, have their own boats with the most helpful crews ever, they are very strict on safety matters (very important this one!) and they have the best instructors and dive guides! If you stay at the Marina Lodge hotel, the boats are right in front of the hotel, very easy every morning.
  • Not so keen on diving, but love to do some nice snorkelling? Don’t book your snorkel-tours with the tour rep from the travel agency. Not only because you will be dropped into the water together with 50 (or even more sometimes) other snorkelers, but it will be more expensive too. Years ago, before Steven started diving, we’ve done a few trips like that. Honestly, do you really think you are going to see a glimpse of the Dugong if you are entering the water with 50 other crazy snorkelers? I don’t think so …
    Talk to someone from a diving organisation (again: Emperor Divers would be our advise), and book a day trip with them. You will have a relaxing day on board of their boats, they go to a different fantastic reef everyday, probably your will be the only snorkelers on board and besides that: divers are very nice people to mingle with.
  • Hotel advice: try to choose a hotel in Port Ghalib, because it’s very nice to walk (or take the water-taxi if you’re at the other side of the marina) to Port Ghalib in the evenings. You can have some good coffee over there, or a beer at the Wunderbar isn’t too bad either.


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