WH(2)O Nomads?

Just in case you’re wondering who we are, and why we started our travelblog H2ONomads…

H2ONomad Steven

I guess it was way back in the second half of the 80ies when I had my real first experience in photography. Gradually I learned to use my father’s Olympus OMII with a 24-70 lens, autonomously. By the age of 18 I even did some black and white photo development
experiments in an improvised darkroom in the bathroom.

In my last year of high school, I was 21, just before I went off for an Erasmus exchange program to Finland I bought my own first analogue reflex camera a Nikon F50 with a 35-70 lens. I took some great picture throughout a couple of Nordic travels, but I didn’t get much further than some nice holiday pictures at that time.

Only recently, 2009-2010 or so, after a full decade of negligence, I picked up again my old love for photography. I was 35 and after some demanding years from a professional point of view, in desperate need of a nice hobby. Something other than work. A passion to forget day to day work challenges. The digital age had totally changed photography. After some market research I decided to switch from Nikon to Canon and got myself a 50D with a 18-200 zoom lens. The photography virus got a serious grip on me, so much that in 2012 I started a 3 year education during evening hours, together with my wife, to become a certified photographer. 85 started the course and 21 finished it. I learned a lot of technical and practical things, but also photography is very personal and that the style you develop is like your signature, it’s unique, it’s your creation.

In 2012, during my second holidays in Port Ghalib, Egypt, I did a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving). 30 minutes under water and I was hooked! Since that time we went back to Egypt for at least 5 times. Meanwhile I’m an Advanced Open Water diver and I started combining diving and photography 2 years ago. Marine life is so fascinating to us, that we are planning trips all around the world now. The idea of the H2O Nomads blog was born.

H2ONomad Leen

Travelling has always been important in my life, I simply love to visit all the beautiful places in the world and enjoy to experience other cultures. Even as a student I worked during the weekends, to earn enough money to … travel! What else?! In those days, I’ve visited countries such as Egypt, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, …

After meeting my husband and graduating from school in ’99, priorities changed. Our focus shifted: we were building a life together, investing in our professional careers, buying a house together and turning it into a home, we completed our family with two crazy Weims. But travelling together with my partner in crime Steven, has always stayed important.

Photography is another of our other shared passions. Together we successfully completed a professional photography course a few years ago. Portraits, landscape and architecture are my personal favourites in photography.

Since 2012, when Steven discovered his new passion scuba diving (and even I started to enjoy snorkelling), our holiday horizon completely changed. We are now looking for the coolest diving spots, the combination with some culture and photography is a nice extra off course.

So there you go, that’s what H2ONomads is all about: H2O, travelling & photography.

Leen 2015     H2ONomad Steven

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